Advantages for College or University to go Paper-Less

advantages of university going paperless

I was asked the other day what are the advantages and disadvantages for a university to go paper-less.  Here is my answer: Advantages of going paperless for a university: Manage and organize student records Streamline admissions process Maintain compliance with automated document filing, data entry and student records retention. Protect student and personnel files Automatically […]

Want to learn more about Laserfiche?

Learn about Laserfiche

You have an opportunity to be the next Laserfiche guru in your office and get away from the cold Minnesota winter weather. Laserfiche’s annual conference, called Empower, is January 9 – 12, 2018, in sunny California. Empower is the largest networking event in the ECM (enterprise content management) industry.  Over  3000 Laserfiche customers, partners and […]

National Community Action Partnership Annual Conference

Hemingway Solutions at National CAP conference

August 29 to Sept 1, 2017, we attended the Community Action Partnership annual conference in Philadelphia, PA.  What a great group of people we were able to hang out with.  We were excited to share how an agency can become much more efficient when using our Laserfiche workflow that we have created for CAP agencies. […]