Community Action Agency Improve Crisis Response Time

Community action partnership energy assistance application processing

Replaces filing cabinets with Laserfiche ECM Special to the Philanthropy Journal By Tim Wacker The Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC) lists a car leasing business and a farmers market among its many innovations to assist the needy in south-central Minnesota. But it is recent innovations in the agency’s information technology department that staff now include […]

Star Tribune Accounts Payable Processing

Laserfiche AP Processing Minnesota

When Star Tribune’s corporate parent, McClatchy,  sold the newspaper, the IT staff at the Tribune had a huge project on their hands.   With the sale, says Star Tribune Software Engineer Corrie Kuester, came a provision that we had just nine months to replace all it’s legacy financial systems from McClatchy. One of these systems […]

2016 Was a Banner Year For Laserfiche

President of Laserfiche reports banner year for 2016

  Laserfiche President, Chris Wacker, in an address to over 3,000 VARs and users at their annual conference last month, said that they are seeing organizations continue to move to paperless systems.  Enterprise content management (ECM) is gaining traction more than ever. As one of the leading global ECM provider Laserfiche reported 2016 as a […]

Aspen Waste Moving Accounts Payable From Paper to Paper-Less

Laserfiche Client - Aspen Waste

Aspen Waste Systems provides a wide variety of waste collection and recycling services to residential and commercial customers. Aspen is owned and managed by people who live in the Twin Cities.  It also owns and operates a branch office in St Louis Mo.  They are committed to providing superior service to all of their customers […]

What is the the biggest challenges organizations like yours face?

what is biggest business challenge

As I talk to directors of Community Actions and other organizations across the country, the most common challenge they say that they face in their organization is that their staff spends more time handling their paper work than they do working with their clients. Are you experiencing the same thing? Organizations that used an ECM* […]

How Is Your Journey Toward Paper-Less Office?

How is your Paper-less transition going?

Many organizations realize that as they try to become more a more paper-less office, they are not as successful as they would like to be.    They often have decided to scan documents to PDF’s and store them on a shared drive.  This seems like it would be a good method but  finding documents seems […]

Laserfiche Tips and Tricks – Simplify Placing Dates On Your Documents

Laserfiche tips and tricks

Laserfiche Tips and Tricks – Simplify Placing Date On Documents If you process applications, one of the first tasks you must do is document when the application was receivedis record the date the application was received .   Laserfiche allows a user to simply add an annotation to a document.  This is a easy way to […]