You can create web-based electronic forms

One of the challenges to moving your organization to become more paperless is that so many documents start their life as paper forms. Here are some examples of the type of forms you may have:

  • Vacation Request
  • Expense Rembursement
  • Building Permit Application
  • Employment Application
  • Credit Application
  • Agenda item approval
  • Business license application
  • Business license renewal
  • Committee review
  • Contract approval
  • Liquor license application
  • Public notice request and public comment
  • Public records request
  • Employment Applications
  • New Employee/Onboarding Checklists and Forms
  • Performance Review Forms
  • Termination Forms
  • Form W-4

You can create electronic forms in Laserfiche to replace your paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be published on intranets or public websites.  You don’t need to hire a web developer.  And to make it even easier Laserfiche gives you a collection of pre-build forms to help you kick-start your paper-less forms effort.

Here is a short video that will demonstrate how easy it is to build a form.


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.  If you own Laserfiche you get this capability for free.  This becomes even a more powerful tool when you use Laserfiche Workflow to process these forms.  Now, you can automate your complete approval process.


Author: Larry Phelps
My passion is helping organizations like yours become more efficient and effective using Laserfiche enterprise content management system, your paperless solution. I have been a Laserfiche consultant for over 30 years. I have worked with Community Action agencies and non-profits for nearly 20 years helping them go paperless and increase staff productivity. I have a strong background in IT, having owned two IT Consulting firms. And also have over 10 years of experience in Cloud Computing and hosting Laserfiche in the cloud.